Unsigned “card not present fraud” is valued at tens of billions of dollars every year. 


Phone Transactions & E-commerce

No need to expose any personal information. Not over the phone. Not over the web.

P2P Transactions

Using the mobile phone as a POS, anyone can make a transaction anywhere in the world.

E-banking, Forex and ATM Transactions

Ad-Hoc POS


Uses existing payment infrastructure. Assures no theft.

Allows any merchant to create a point of sale. Anytime, anywhere. No hardware needed.

- Our Unique Advantages - 

Truly Secure

Absolute Privacy

Fraud Proof

Irrefutable Transaction

Integrates into existing platforms


Merchant Friendly


User Friendly

All forms of transactions


Our unique solution turns unsigned transaction into signed transaction, thereby eliminating “card not present” costs – benefiting merchants, consumers, and card companies.