About Us


Today, the e-commerce scene is crowded with authentication products. What it lacks is a simple, flexible, and secure tool allowing users to send digitally signed data.


Our mission is to implement and new methodology – one that is more secure, comfortable and flexible than any current solution.


Our acoustic transaction doesn’t require a SIM card or an IP connection, there are no unsecure passwords, and no extra hardware is necessary. All our users need is our application, which is pre-installed, which encodes users’ data into unique acoustic signals.


We bring the same superior level of security to both card present and card-not-present transactions, with any form of payment. Whether the transaction is over the internet, over the phone, or at a point of sale, we’ve got our users covered.


With our cutting-edge solution, we are poised to become the leading provider of authentication solutions.


We are providers of advanced authentication and PKI digital signature solutions, with over ten years of research and development in the field of digital signatures.


Encotone is led by Marcos Labaton. Marcos earned his Bachelor’s degree from the Buenos Aires University of Architecture, and has been founding and selling successful companies ever since. A few of these companies include MetroRED Telecom, Latin America’s first fully owned broadband fiber optic network telecomm operator, sold to Telmex, Brasil Telecom, and CableComm.